For families who do not seek a multi-year package, we offer consulting limited to application essays and activities lists/resume, and basic assistance with application submission.   

We also consult on transfer applications and applications to graduate and professional programs.

Initiate a contact form to see package options. (see Contact Us)

  • high school course selection assistance

  • exploring extracurricular programs

  • finding enriching summer programs

  • creating a standardized testing plan

  • guidance on researching colleges on web

9th and 10th grade services:

11th and 12th grade services:




college  consulting

  • devising a recommended schools list

  • designing the best college visit(s)

  • building an application time-line
  • trouble-shooting weaknesses and highlighting strengths
  • providing essay assistance (via input on topics, content, structure and vocabulary) as well as edits and revisions of drafts

  • developing a focused personal statement

  • assistance in the preparation of a detailed résumé exhibiting commitment, leadership, depth and breath

  • guidance on collecting letters of recommendation

  • interview preparation